Courses during the 1718-20 term
Exploration of effective, renewal-oreiented congregations.
Provides reflection on the vocation of theological education and explores practices of teaching and learning.
Analysis of congregational song in the context of worship, with special attention to patterns of worship, the church year, celebration of the sacraments, and the use of the Psalter.
Focuses on the evolving challenges facing leaders engaged in spiritual formation, relying upon student projects as laboratories for defining and dealing with those challenges.Direction Module Five: Practicum, including verbatims, in-class exercises, the integration of knowledge, and assessment of the student?s direction skills
Administration is a ministry that empowers other ministries. Leaders in the church must therefore understand how to lead and manage effectively in order to strengthen existing ministries and launch new ones. This course will consider developing specific administrative disciplines to align and effectively empower dynamic and vital ministries.
Developments within United Methodism, as related to the ecumenical movement, world mission, personal evangelism, and social justice. Evolution of polity, theology, and denominational structure.
Study of the role of the pastor and church leaders in discipling the congregation and motivating and training the laity in faith-sharing outreach ministries.