Courses during the 1617-20 term
This summative course gives students tools and ways of thinking and being to be pastor-organizers, administrative organizers; that is to think like an organizer while also doing classical pastoral and administrative ministries.
Cross-cultural immersion experiences in various ministries and communities with theological reflection. May be repeated.
The foundational contribution of John Wesley to the history, doctrine, and polity of Methodism. The Methodist tradition in the U.S. through the 19th century. Prerequisite: 13-501 or 13-502
Examines the multi-cultural, ethnic, and religious dynamics that shape spiritual practice and the context in which spiritual formation is taught and nurtured. Direction Module Two: The spiritual journey, developmental issues, and the use of evaluative tools, including the Myers-Briggs Inventory and the Enneagram
Focuses on the history of Christian spirituality, examining the theological assumptions that have shaped that history. Direction Module One: History, Theology, and Models of Spiritual Direction