Courses during the 1920-20 term
This course will engage students in an exploration of their implicit theologies, traditions of the Church, and several theological methods with the goal of enabling them to become reflective theologians in multiple contexts.Prereq: BIBHB500 or BIBNT500.
Pastoral Leadership: Preaching &Intercultural Competencies
The foundational contribution of John Wesley to the history, doctrine, and polity of Methodism. The Methodist tradition in the U.S. through the 19th century.
Explores biblical texts, historical traditions, and modern approaches to the art of spiritual direction/guidance and its place in the church today; relationship of spiritual direction to counseling, therapy, and mentoring. No prerequisite.
Provides reflection on the vocation of theological education and explores practices of teaching and learning.
Analysis of congregational song in the context of worship, with special attention to patterns of worship, the church year, celebration of the sacraments, and the use of the Psalter.